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To register your kids and create your family household membership, please click on the Click Here to Register button below (both new and returning families).

If you are a returning family, just log-in to your account and complete the registration form. Most info will be copied over from last year.

If you are a new family, please click on Create an Account under the Menu icon, and follow the prompts.

Please follow the suggested actions on your profile screen. Once you finish the registration for the household and children, you will be able to pay the enrollment fees. Please note that your children will be fully enrolled only after payment is processed.

Early Bird Registration will be available until 8/13/23. Early Bird registration is only valid if payment is made by 8/13/23. Registration without payment before 8/13/23 will not qualify for the Early Bird prices. No exceptions!

IMPORTANT: Before starting the registration process, please make a copy or take a picture of the front and back of your child's health insurance card in one of the allowed file types, and make sure to have it available on the PC/Tablet/Phone you will be using for registration so you can upload it to the system!! PLEASE NOTE, the file size must be smaller than 10MB.

We are sure the 2022-23 activity year will be an exciting year and an opportunity to take a break from the TV/Mobile/Tablet/Computer screens. Our own Shevet's youth leadership team is growing and continuing to take more and more responsibility in running our Shevet, just like it should happen in a תנועת נוער (Youth movement). Tzofifnikim (Tzofim for 1st to 2nd grade) will continue on a weekly basis.​

If you have friends and family who are not part of the Shevet and may be interested in joining, please share this web page with them.

2023-2024 Registration Fees

Fees Table 2023-24

Registration and Payment are due before the 1st meeting (peula)! No child can participate in the 1st peula or any subsequent one without registering and fully paying. 

NEW: The registration fee is REFUNDABLE until 10/15/2023 (October 15th) less a $35 registration fee and a 3.5% credit card fee.

Please read the full Registration Policy here.




Shevet Gefen

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