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A unique Israeli identity based on the values of the Hebrew Scout movement!

Shevet Gefen is the Long Island Chapter of Tzofim Tzabar. The Shevet is located in Roslyn, Long Island. It was established in 2014 and has chanichim (kids) from 1st to 12th grades.

Tzofim Tzabar is part of the international scout movement through the Hebrew Scouts of Israel and it includes more than 25 chapters with about 5,000 members in Israeli communities throughout the United States and Canada. The organization has set itself as a central goal the strengthening of the ties between the State of Israel and the Jews of North America and promotes the connection of the Israeli-American youth to Israel by instilling values ​​of teamwork, tolerance, mutual help, and respect for others.

Tzofim Tzabar is a Zionist Youth movement that encourages its participants to explore different opportunities to take a meaningful part in Israeli and Israeli-American society through our different programs, such as Mishelanu - Student Organization, Shnat Sherut Gap Year program and Garin Tzabar IDF service.


The Scouts movement is the largest Israeli youth movement in Israel and the United States, a movement that is not political and is not affiliated with any party or religious sect.

The activity in the Shevet, in conjunction with a social framework in the Hebrew culture and language, centers on youth educating youth. It encourages, among other things, the development of leadership skills, social involvement, and strengthens the values ​​of democracy and connection to the State of Israel. This is one of the only opportunities available for children and youth in the area to be part of organized activity in the Hebrew language and to experience the connection to their Israeli identity in an unmediated and experiential way with their peers.


The annual program is built on weekly activities by age group, through play and discussions, run by counselors who are in 10th-12th grade. Throughout the year, the chanichim experience activities such as scouting days, overnight camps with accommodation, dedicated ceremonies, marking Israeli holidays, music, sports activities, and more. Some of the activities are done with other Shvatim, from the Northeast, all the way to the whole east coast. All this is done while maintaining a positive, challenging, and stimulating experience.


The activity takes place every Sunday at 4-6 pm in Roslyn, Long Island.

The Shevet is funded by annual dues, Friends of Israel Scouts, Mosaic United, and the Israeli-American Council (IAC).

For more information:

Friends of Israel Scouts:

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Mosaic United:

Israeli-American Council (IAC):

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