What is Scouting?


The Hebrew Scouts Anthem

, Was right to fulfill your duty
, Loyal to your people and your country
, At any time to help others
Your Viewer Constitution Keep Save
It was true - always true

It was true - always true
It was right to keep your constitution

Characteristics of the Scout

1) The Scout spoke the truth.

2) The Scout is loyal to his country, people and language.

3) The Scout is helpful in society, loves work, and is helpful to others.

4) The Scout is bad for every person, and a brother for every friend.

5) The Scout is kind.

6) The Scout loves and protects the flora and fauna.

7) The Scout is a disciplinarian.

8) The Scout is frugal.

9) The Scout does not fall in his spirit.

10) The Scout is pure in his speech and deeds.