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What is Scouting?


The Israeli Scouts is a Zionist youth movement, whose mission is to operate and develop educational programs and values, in which children and young adults – members of the Israeli community in North America – will engage in a variety of social and educational Zionist experiences, which will help them build knowledge of and love for the Land of Israel.


The Youth Movement is an integral part of the Israel Scouts and the Friends of Israel Scouts in North America, and thus we act in accordance with the visions, goals, and guiding principles of both organizations.


The Israeli Scouts encourages its participants to engage in activities that enhance their community and society. We aim to play a significant role in shaping the character and quality of Israeli society through programs and volunteer services that lead to maximum realization of participants’ talents and their ability to contribute to Israeli society through service and communal partnership.

The Hebrew Scouts Anthem

Be prepared to fulfill your duty,

Loyal to your people and your country,

At any time help others,
Your Constitution Keep Save,
Be prepared - always prepared!

Be prepared - always prepared!
Be prepared to obey your constitution.

The Scout's Ten Values

1. Scouts tell the truth

2. Scouts are loyal to their people, their country and their language

3. Scouts are useful members of society, embrace work and help others

4. Scouts are friends of all people and partners for all Scouts

5. Scouts are courteous

6. Scouts love and protect nature

7. Scouts are people of discipline

8. Scouts’ spirits remain strong, and
they smile when in distress

9. Scouts are not wasteful

10. Scouts are pure of heart and in their actions

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